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We are a dedicated group of Technical and High Performance Computing professionals who build products which enable customers to innovate and simplify the use of their technical computing infrastructure.

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Gateway - Intelligent Application Platform

Connecting users with their data and applications across a hybrid set of platforms

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Data Analytics

Tell what's happening where, by whom and at what cost. Get a handle on project and infrastructure usage.

Dynamic Processes

Create dynamic process workflows that deliver innovation and flexibility to users.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

Connect users in an effective manner from anywhere to the next available desktop server. 

Gateway - Intelligent Application Platform
is your gateway to Technical computing

Accessing and managing diverse data sets and applications has never been easier.
Gateway-IAP is built with an intuitive web desktop that exploits defacto and standard methods of desktop usage to enable a familiar working environment for users. 

Why not give it a try by requesting a demo account on our live demonstration cluster.

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