Fujitsu Gateway

Intelligent Application Platform

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Build complex processes 

Sometimes complex problems require more than a single application run. The Gateway includes a Process Mapper than enables complex execution environments to be built, run and monitored 

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Accessible from any device

Sometimes you just need to know whether that critical workload is working correctly or not. By getting updates and checks via your mobile devices, Gateway can keep you abridged of how your application run is progressing.

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Ready for the Cloud

Fujitsu Gateway extends its own multi-site capabilities with interfaces for running work on standard cloud providers such as Fujitsu's K5 Service and Amazon's AWS.

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Gateway - Intelligent Application Platform (IAP) 
Your gateway to Technical computing

Accessing and managing a diverse set of applications and data sets has never been easier. 
Gateway-IAP is built with an intuitive web desktop that exploits defacto and standard methods of desktop usage to enable a familiar working environment for users. 

Why not give it a try by requesting a demo account on our live demonstration cluster.