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Fujitsu has partnered with Intel ®  in offering users access to a clustered system running the latest generation Intel ®  Xeon Phi™ (Knights Landing) and Omni-Path interconnect.

Fujitsu's Remote Access Program is freely available to users who register and agree with the conditions of usage.

The cluster environment enables users to participate in activities such as benchmarking, code development, as well as code optimization and validation either using the pre-installed applications or those brought by the user.

The cluster, provided as part of the Remote Access Program, includes the following main components:

  • Hardware

    • A Head node and Storage node based on Broadwell processors

    • 32 compute nodes using Intel® Xeon Phi™ 7250 processors (2176 cores), 16GB high speed cache memory and 96GB DDR 4 memory

    • Omni-Path 100Gbps interconnect

  • Software

    • Intel® HPC Orchestrator V1.1 (HPC software stack)

    • Altair PBS Professional® Job management system)

    • Intel® Parallel Studio Cluster Edition (Software Development Tools)

    • Fujitsu Gateway Portal (End user interface)

    • A selection of pre-installed applications including: LAMMPS, Quantum Expresso, GROMACS, TensorFlow, Caffe as well as Intel's optimized Python environment

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FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX600 delivers the highest density
Intel® Xeon Phi™ server in the market today

The PRIMERGY CX600 packs up to 8 Intel ® Xeon Phi™ nodes in a single 2U chassis and with options for either air or water cooling, the CX600 delivers flexibility along with ground breaking performance.

So why register and join ....

Gain valuable experience

Gain know-how and experience on the  Intel ® Xeon PhiTM processor and experience application performance benefits for specific applications

Experience optimized applications

By utilizing the pre-loaded applications you can immediately experience the benefits of the Knights Landing environment

Port your application

Use the platform as a way to test just how easy it is to compile and run applications on a Knight's Landing platform

Optimize and scale your code

Use the cluster to test application optimization and scalability

The only investment is your time

Through this free service you will see the benefits of the Knights Landing platform and the solutions Fujitsu can offer to you

Systems is pre-configured

The system comes with all needed tools and software, including Fujitsu's Gateway portal and Intel's Parallel cluster suite development tools

Simplified access via the Fujitsu Gateway Portal

All operations on the cluster can be performed from a web browser. All you need is a secure HTTP connection to work on the cluster

Simply sign-up and go

Once you have registered you will be given a login, disk space and a URL link for the Gateway login